Sponsorship for a child in Tibet is $380 a year per person for food, shelter, health care and education.   Due to conditions affecting the orphanages in Tibet, we are unable to provide a profile for an individual child but please know that your sponsorship will be able to provide healthy meals, basic necessities and education to support caring their children. [/gdlr_notification]

College Tuition for Young Tibetan Women from Qinghai Province

28 Young Tibetan women from several Tibetan Autonomous Prefectures across the Qinghai Province are in need of funds to support their access to higher education. This cohort of young women was able to receive a quality private education in Tibet thanks to the generous support of donors. Now they are 19-22 years old and hoping to attend college. By attending college, these young women will be able to gain the skills and credentials needed to return to their Tibetan Autonomous Prefectures as community leaders or become empowered advocates away from home. Please click here to view a budget.

Dorji & Sanji Charity Home

KAP established the Dorje and Sanji Charity Home (Orphanage) named after the two founders in Tibet in September 2004.  This Home has 25 orphans and is located in the Waka Township, on the bank of two major rivers and in the center of five counties of Derong, Chatring, Batang and Dechen and Gyalthang on the border of two Chinese provinces of Sichuan and Yunnan. Orphans are recruited and selected from these five counties.  These orphans study in the local primary school, live in the school hostel and eat with the local students. Your support is needed for food, shelter, health care and education of these children.

Please note that from September 2015 onward, The Tibet Fund will charge a $5 fee for each quarterly sponsorship payment made via credit card to partially cover the cost associated with credit card fees, wire transfers to India, and other processing fees.

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